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Stylish Military Watch Inpsired Design With Smartwatch Technology

Quality, Design, Technology, & Durability

Military wrist-wear inspired, tactical smartwatches. For athletes, armed servicemen, & outdoors. Authentic American Trademark. It’s time to upgrade what’s on your wrist. Step up to a smartwatch that is capable of handling fitness, security, and business lifestyle needs. Our new “Midnight Diamond” release is wrist wear that fits in the tactical gear niche, military-inspired, and styled after […]

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Watch Features To Have During Co-Vid 19 aka CoronaVirus Pandemic

Wearable Technology For the Pandemic The year of 2020 is one that will not be forgotten.   Amidst the China New Years celebration, the most contagious CoronaVirus of the last century began spreading.  An epidemic specifically named “Covid 19,” it’s changed the lifestyles of all people around the world. . In a time where every […]

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